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Feb 5, 2004 - NEW RELEASE
GraphSight v.2.0.1 released. Changes are made mostly to GraphSight's look&feel under Windows XP.

Oct 10, 2003 - NEW PARTNERSHIP
Advanced Converter - a program to convert between more than 1700 units of measurements. The answer to "How do I convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?" is just a click away We have recently partnered with MathTerra Software company. As a result of this partnership we offer you another piece of scientific software download. That is Advanced Converter v.3.3 - a smart Windows utility designed for quick conversions between more than 1700 units of measurements used in different fields of science.

Advanced Converter is a 'must have' desktop utility for physicians, chemists, pharmacists and mathematicians that deal a lot with applied, real-life science. The students will also find this program extremely useful while studying the laws of nature. Anyone, who had ever asked himself questions like "How do I convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?" should have this utility. The answers are just a click away.

You are invited to download and purchase Advanced Converter from the official MathTerra Software site.

Sep 17, 2003 - NEW RELEASE
HiDigit is calculating software for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students, teachers and scientists. Simple input format of complicated formulas, working with complex numbers, user-defined functions, variables and built-in constants from different fields of science has made HiDigit a serious and 'must have' scientific software We are pleased to present to you our brand new mathematical software product HiDigit v.1.0 that is a great calculating utility for Windows. It is now available for download and purchase.

HiDigit is a tiny but powerful calculator designed to help math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students, teachers and scientists to automate basic but routine calculating procedures. Handling user-defined functions and variables, operating with complex numbers, high precision of calculations, wide set of built-in functions and scientific field-specific constants has made HiDigit an essential tool for everyone who deals with scientific research. The decent price for it is US $19.95 more >>

The registered users of the freeware GraphSight Junior v.1.0 are selected to receive the 25% discount for more functional GraphSight v.2.0. Purchase instructions are sent directly by email. Note that this action expires at the 12th of October, 2003. So, hurry up to buy GraphSight 25% off!

Sep 1, 2003 - NEW RELEASE
We are glad to announce the next GraphSight v.2.0 for Windows® release. It is available for download and purchase starting from Sep 1, 2003.

Here is what's new in this version:

GraphSight is an easy-to-use software to plot and explore two dimensional math functions and data. It makes it easy to plot common Cartesian y(x) and x(y) graphs, parametric, polar and table-defined ones. Excellent curve fitting abilities (linear, gauss, polynomial, reciprocal, hyperbolic, logarithmic regression types are available) have made GraphSight an extremely useful graphing program for a college teacher or engineer, professor and student cut\copy\paste ability lets you operate graphs just like if they were simple text in your text processor (e.g. Microsoft Word)
undo\redo feature makes it easy to return occasionally deleted graphics back to the plot
data fit tool gives you a possibility to do curve fitting and regression analysis. Supported regression types are: reciprocal, gauss, hyperbolic, linear, logarithmic and polynomial
trace tool enables you to visually observe how the value of a function changes depending on the variable
space views management ability lets you put the graph back to its default view after it was zoomed and shifted to some unwanted distorted view. Keeping several space snapshots is available
axes customization handles boring ticks positioning and labeling routines for both X and Y axes. The coordinate grid can be displayed and customized
new tutorial topics added to describe several "how to's" of GraphSight

The price for GraphSight single license has been changed to US $29.95 more >>

There are volume discounts for GraphSight available. If you decide to buy several copies of GraphSight for a classroom or even a whole school, please, have a look at the following volume discounts table first

Number of copies Price per license (USD)
1 $29.95
2-9 $24.95
10-29 $19.95
30 and more $9.95

All payments are handled by ShareIt! registration service that provides a sufficient set of payment options: Credit Card, Switch/Solo, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, Cash, Fax, Phone and Purchase order more >>

The significant part of GraphSight users are students. To help those ones who are interested in using GraphSight but have no opportunity to buy it we have a special offer. Provided that you are such a student you can get a free license for GraphSight by writing us a 5-10 sentences review describing how this graphing program helps you in your math works. Send it to info@cradlefields.com along with you registration information (your name and e-mail) and the key will be sent to you. Your review will be then published (if you permit) on our site to give the others an opportunity to know whether this graphing program suits their needs or not before they download.


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