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If it happend so that you have come to this page in search of a Windows utility that would help scientists, math teachers and students plot various graphs, you've just stumbled upon the most hip one.

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"I use GraphSight to verify my homework at maths. I have to draw graphs by hand for different functions using the first and second derivate of the function. And I use GraphSight to verify that the graph made by me is correct. I liked the ability to draw multiple graphs in the same system of axes, and compare them most of all." - B.

"GraphSight is used for checking my wife's math homework and playing 'what if' games. It is a fascinating way to see how the equasions look and what happens when parameters change. Being able to change/update the expression and instantly see the results on the graph without having to close the cartesian graph parameters window is the nicest feature." - D. F.

"Hello. I am a student studying Computer Engineering Technology at Algonquin College. I have been using your graphing software to help me prepare my prelabs for Circuit Analysis. I found GraphSight very easy to learn and use. I appreciated that the graphs were easy to import into Word documents, when I was writing up my lab reports. I would like to continue to use your software for this and later courses that involve mathematical computations and graphical analysis." - R. S.

"I'm a high school math teacher, and I have to say that at first glance, GraphSight seems to be a handy little piece of software that I can use in a graphing unit, especially in situations where my graphing calculator doesn't allow enough people to see the screen." - H. D.

"I'm a Graduate student, doing Master's of chemical Engineering at Ryerson University at Toronto. I'm doing MASC thesis on the optimal control of n-BMA.i need to collect many data to run my program. At present to fit my data Iím making Arhenius relationship in XL Sheet hope by using GraphSight plot i can find the data very quickly." - B. S.

"Being a full-time high school student, I was looking for a program that would graph functions easily. I had tried using MatLab which is a professional math suite and found it too difficult to learn: even graphing y = x took too much time to learn! Cradle Fields GraphSight was the perfect solution. It was intuitive, had a user friendly interface and could easily and quickly graph all my functions ranging from inverse trig to logarithms. Inputting equations in the program was just a matter of copying it down from the workbook into the cartesion dialogue box with the exception of a few brackets. The graphs helped me visualise the math problems I had to sketch or solve. I definitely recommend this program for high school students. I personally use GraphSight for plotting sine, cosine, tangent, logarithmic, hyperbolic, quadratic, line and quartic curves. The most valuable feature of the program is the ablitity to zoom in and out of the graph. Ability to add multiple curves with defining limits. Eg. y = x + ln(x + 2) - x^4 - 3x^3 - 5x^2 + 2x - 15." - T.

"Graphsight is the graphing program i wish i had in highschool!! It is presented in an easy to use format, and makes light work of heavy functions. It is a must for highscool and college students, and i highly recommend GraphSight to anyone hoping to excel in mathematics." - K. D.

"On a different note, I want to take this opportunity to let you know what a great program I think GraphSight is. I have returned to school in my late 30's and find it challenging but not impossible to do. I am in precalculus this semester. Finals are next week. I will get a B in the class even if I don't take the final. I am going to shoot for the A, however. Your program has helped tremendously. I use it to check my homework problems. I have also used it to do slight variations on the problems to see if what I think the graph will do is what it actually does. This has helped me grasp a couple of hard concepts. Thanks again for your help and for creating such a useful tool." - J. T.

"I found your web site when I was looking for a graphing tool for my wife - she is a mathematics teacher. We have Windows XP and a down load available from a related Microsoft site is a Calculator (called Powercalc.exe) which has graphing capability. Powercalc allows functions to be entered and graphs displayed, which can then be cut and pasted into test papers. Like all mathematics teachers she is always preparing test papers and Microsoft Word helps greatly but the weakness was graphs. Unfortunately Powercalc only works on Windows XP so she could not show her colleagues. That is when I found your web site and GraphSight which does everything by way of graphing that Powercalc does. It is fine, as it is for helping prepare test papers and your trial version of the full system was good for showing to the other teachers." - C. K.

"GraphSight is very useful for me, right now I am studying in a master course (electronic control), and with this soft I can graphic a lot of equations so I can see what happens. The soft has all necessary utilities." - M. M.

"Je m'excuse de m'exprimer en francais. A propos de GraphSight, je suis professeur de mathematiques au lycee et j'ai voulu essayer votre grapheur pour mes besoins personnels. Il est tres pratique et simple a utiliser; il convient beaucoup pour les eleves de lycees." - Z. N.

"I am the training director for the Texas Computer Education Association, and as such, I am always on the lookout for software to recommend to our members that they might want to use in the classroom. I personally use GraphSight for graphing of data and letting our 8,000+ members know about a good product they might be interested in." - E. S.

"GraphSight is excellent for teaching my brother math and getting him interested. He is 14 yrs and in the 9th standard." - W. J.

"I'm university student and I needed the software for checking my graphs in polar coordinates. I think the best part of GraphSight were parameterics and polar abilities. And also the ability of zooming." - A. N.

"Thanks for GraphSight. I knew this software from my friends. A math-learning-student, he told me that this program help us so much in math. And i try. So great. It 's easy. Easy to download. Easy to use. Easy to finish all excersice. And easy for the style. I like it. Hope your develepment software." - Q. K.

"At our University in the department of electrical engineering and computer science we have lectures about NMOS-Technology like this in Mead&Conway. One of the first lessons is the simulation of an NMOS-Inverter with spice. We show the students some grafics like Vds versus Id for both transistors (depletion and enhancement) and give them all the formulas from Mead&Conway. The result is they see what all the formulas mean and what they can do with them. The formulas are visualized by GraphSight. I enjoyed the correct function and no problems after a lot of hours working with the programm. Most interesting feature is the JPG-Output for integration in learning documents." - W. L.

"I am using GraphSight to find the roots of equations involving transcendental functions. I have plans to employ it to teach my child the nature and behaviour of different functions." - V. P.

"I am a secondary mathematics teacher and am currently writing textbooks, and a series of mathematics books for middle school libraries. GraphSight helps me produce graphs for illustrations." - R. N.

"I am Russian student of Moscow State Aviation University, faculty of applied mathematics, department of gas-hydro-dynamics. My science work concern approximation differential equation of gas and hydro particle movement with simple curves of second and third order. I have tested the GraphSight and found it extremely useful for selection parameters for set of curves of second and third order. I work with the GraphSight in the next way: in the left window I have a projection of real distribution of particle of gas on plane XoZ. In the right window I have the GraphSight with set of curves and try to select best coefficient for make first look which curves I can use for further approximation differential equation." - A. T.

"I use GraphSight to generate graphs for tests and worksheets (I am a teacher). I like the capabilities of the program in graphing various functions, the ability to limit the domains of the functions graphed, and the zoom and window capabilities of the program." - G. F.

"I use GrahpicSight to compare if the graphic representations I made manualy are correct. I liked the easy way to write the graphic function most of all." - G. E.

"As a retired teacher of mathematics, I use GraphSight for entertainment and general interest. I find it a useful tool generally to investigate functions and equations." - T. D.

"I am a retired engineering teacher and I use GS with my high school grandson, of course it speeds up graph plotting! Superimposing graphs of different colours is great." - D. L.

"GraphSight would be really useful if one could import data from say excel spreadsheets and plot that data....the advantage over excel would be the ability to fix the axial ratios so that the output could be to scale, something you cannot do in excel. The programme otherwise is great in its simplicity of use and presentation; the kids use it for math presentations." - R. M.

"After being out of school for over 20 years, I decided to go to college. I am now taking Basic and Intermediate Algebra. As this is an online course, I feel as if I am teaching this subject to myself. I need to be able to draw graphs which use the Cartesian coordinate system. Many of the graphing software I have downloaded have been more confusing and frustrating. I need something which is user friendly and GraphSight seems to be the key to completing this course and still maintaining my 4.0 GPA. Thank you for making this software obtainable and affordable!" - K. B.

"I am a high school student and have an interest in both math and computer. I read an article about your homepage in a Vietnamese newspaper. Because I hadn't had a software to create graphs, I was really interested in that article and decided to visit your web to download your product. I think GraphSight Programme is easy to use. I hope you can create and develop new useful programmes like this. Thank you very much." - T. N.

"I am a 17 year old student living in Ankara, Turkey. I attend Bilkent University Preparatory School, and am enrolled in Math Methods, as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is a rigorous program designed to cater to the needs of a variety of student capabilities, and the subject of math is no exception. Methods constantly assigns coursework assessments alongside existing classwork and tests, and these are often (90%) intended to be done on the computer. I came across GraphSight while searching for graphing programs to complete an assignment. Other programs I tried were either too complicated or too restricted by the trial version. I was very lucky to run across GraphSight as it had everything I needed: it was easy to set up, use, and implement into my final project. I am very pleased with the program's design that obviously assessed the needs of the average student, and I have yet to even begin exploring its potential. I'd like to thank the makers of GraphSight for such a wonderful program!" - I. O.

"I have no idea how a bookmark to your site got into my browser. I have this habit of saving as links anything I might like to look at, then coming back to the links some time later to see what I actually marked!! Your site is among them. I am enjoying GraphSight; sure beats the years of manually producing graphs for everything from high school economics classes to the advanced math classes in college." - J. W.

"I use GraphSight whenever I need a quick visualization of some function, and to explore their behavior. I like it's speed and neat interface." - L. B.

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