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Though Axes display in GraphSight is fully automatic and generally does not require any customization there is a possibility to adjust them in GraphSight.

Doubleclick axes in the coordinate plane or select the "Axes" icon in the Project Tree to be presented with a the Axes configuration dialog.

Axes Dialog box

Select or unselect X-Axis and Y-Axis options to show or hide X or Y-axis respectively. You may also specify alternate non-empty (other than X and Y) captions for axes.

One of the most noteworthy features of GraphSight is its automatic ticks positioning. The X-Ticks (Y-Ticks) tab is responsible for adjusting their look. With Auto option being selected for ticks GraphSight will try to draw them on each c * k * 10 ^ n position. The idea is in GraphSight will automatically choose the appropriate n value for ticks to be displayed in the most convenient way (i.e. their captions will not overlap and there will be at least some of them on the screen) while zooming or shifting a coordinate plane. Specifying the c coefficient other than 1 will cause its formula display on the ticks caption (see the examples below). You may use any valid mathematical expression icluding (if necessary) constants for c and k. The k coefficient acts in the same way as c one, but its formula is not shown on the ticks captions after being evaluated.

  • 1 * 1 * 10 ^ n - the axes are displayed in the -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 ... or -20, -10, 0, 10, 20 ... etc. way. GraphSight chooses the powers of 10 automatically.
  • 1/2 * 1 * 10 ^ n - the axes are displayed in the -1, -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1 ... or -10, -5, 0, 5, 10 ... etc. way. GraphSight chooses the powers of 10 automatically.
  • 1/2 * Pi * 10 ^ n - the axes are displayed in the -1*(Pi), -0.5*(Pi), 0, 0.5*(Pi), 1*(Pi) ... or -10*(Pi), -5*(Pi), 0, 5*(Pi), 10*(Pi) ... etc. way. The powers of 10 are chosen automatically.

The Step option does almost the same as the Auto one except the n is assumed to always be equal to 0 i.e by selecting this option you tell GraphSight to display ticks at the exact "real world" intervals.

And finally, the Pixels steppig option will cause ticks be displayed at every m pixels of a coordinate planes window. If no ticks display is needed ("naked" axes will go), there is a possibility to turn off them at all. Unselect the Ticks option for this purpose.

The View tab lets you set axes style. Boxed option being selected will cause axes be shown as a rectangle surrounding a coordinate plane. The Crossed one if chosen will result in GraphSight showing axes as a cross originating from the coordinate spaces (0,0) point.

The Grid tab allows you to specify what grid lines to be shown (only vertical, only horizontal, both).


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