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Everything that is drawn on a space window is called graphic object or graphics in GraphSight. This can be all kinds of graphs (y(x), x(y), parametric, polar, table), axes, grids, labels and many other objects. Every graphics belongs to a space.

All of the graphics are real objects i.e they receive focus when you click them, they have their own shortcut menus, they react to mouse clicking and moving. Each of them has it's own dialog box (usually available through a double click or a shortcut menu).

All the graphic objects in GraphSight have much in common despite their types: color, size, visibility, behaviour.


Sometimes there is a need to temporary hide graphics on the plot without deleting it from the project. This can be easily done through the Visible shortcut menu item or unselecting the Visible option in the graphics' dialog box. Use the Project tree to gain access to a graphics' properties when it is invisible.


There are three different ways to add a new graphics to a space:

  1. Use the Graphics|New main menu item to add any graphics to the active space. You will be presented with a list of available graphics.
  2. Use the New shortcut menu option of a space (right click a space's background for it).
  3. Right click a space you want to add a graphics to in the Project tree for the same shortcut menu.


The most common way to gain access to a graphic object's properties is to double click it. You will be presented with it's own dialog box. Some of the graphics properties are available to change directly using its shortcut menu. The same shortcut menu is available from the Project tree (right click a graphics in the tree for menu). Generally, Use the Graphics|Properties command to modify a currently selected graphics on the plot.


You may delete a graphics in the following ways:

  1. Use the Graphics|Delete command to delete a selected graphics form an active space.
  2. Right click the graphics you want to delete for its shortcut menu and use the Delete option.
  3. Right click the graphics in the Project tree and use the same Delete option of its shortcut menu.
If occasionally deleted a graphics can be undeleted by the Edit|Undo programs main menu option.

Cut, Copy & Paste

GraphSight provides a wonderful possibility to use standard Windows clipboard routines while working with graphs. They can be easily copied and duplicated, cut and pasted between spaces like if they where common text fragments in any text processor for Windows. Just make sure a graphics is selected (click it if not) before placing it or its copy to the clipboard.


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