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The .gs file format

GraphSight saves its project files (.gs) in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format which is the best one to provide no difficulties with backward compatibility and scalability. Besides, it is extremely editable. If needed, you may use any text processing application (e.g. Word, Notepad, Wordpad etc.), edit, save and reopen with GraphSight again. The file of the kind is a text one and has evident tree-like structure. The following is the example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <space name="Space1">
        <view name="View2">
          <x min="0.09" max="5.94"/>
          <y min="-0.23" max="2.80"/>
        <view name="View3">
          <x min="-1.93" max="3.90"/>
          <y min="-1.33" max="1.67"/>
      <dimensions xlocked="false" ylocked="false">
        <x name="x" min="-5.436" max="5.436"/>
        <y name="y" min="-2.971" max="2.971"/>
        <background color="FFFFFF" size="0" visible="true" locked="false"/>
        <axes color="C0C0C0" size="0" visible="true" locked="true"/>
        <yxgraph formula="sin(x)" color="800000" size="1" visible="true" locked="true">
          <intervals xintervon="false" yintervon="false">
            <xinterv min="-5.657" max="5.657"/>
            <yinterv min="-7.588" max="7.588"/>

If saved into sample.gs file this will result in a "y = sin(x)" graph displayed. The <yxgraph formula="sin(x)"... tag contains formula. Any other application can generate such an .gs file, run GraphSight from the command line as "gs.exe -open sample.gs" and enjoy the graph.

The tags

There is no complte description of the tags used by GraphSight to keep project files. If interested, please, refer to the sample project files that are distributed along with the program or create and save your own ones using GraphSight and then open them in any text processing application to see the source.


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