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This help section describes functionality of each GraphSights main menu item.
  • File
    • New Project - creates a new empty project
    • Open... - lets to select a project file to open
    • Reopen - lets to select recently opened project files
    • Save - saves current project
    • Save As... - saves current project to a specified file
    • Constants - lets you manage set of constants of the project
    • Page Setup... - shows the default Page Setup dialog
    • Print... - lets you to preview and prints currently active space picture
    • Exit - closes GraphSight
  • Edit
    • Undo - cancelles previously commited operation for graphics
    • Redo - reinvokes already cancelled operation
    • Cut - copies currently selected graphics into the clipboard and then deletes it
    • Copy - copies currently selected graphics into the clipboard
    • Paste - puts graphics from the clipboard to the active coordinate plane
  • View
    • Full Screen - enlarges active spaces window to a full screen
    • Project Tree - shows/hides GraphSights Project tree
  • Space
    • New Space - creates and adds a new coordinate plane to the project
    • Delete Space - deletes currectly active space from the project
    • Export Space Image
      • Bitmap (.bmp File)... - exports active spaces picture to a .bmp file
      • JPEG (.jpg File)... - exports active spaces picture to a compressed .jpg file
      • Clipboard - exports active spaces picture to the clipboard
    • Space Views - lets you manage Space views
      • Add View... - saves the current view of an active space
      • Delete View - deletes the selected view
      • Restore View - applies the selected view to the coordinate plane
    • Properties - shows the Space dialog
  • Graphics
    • Add
    • Delete - deletes a selected graphics
    • Tools - contains tools that can be applied to graphics
    • Properties - causes a selected graphics properties dialog show
  • Help
    • Help Topics
    • Customer Support... - send mail to GraphSight Customer support
    • GraphSight Homepage - navigates to GraphSight Homepage
    • Buy GraphSight - navigates to GraphSight Order Page
    • Register - shows the Registration dialog
    • About - shows the About dialog


GraphSight - the handy 2D math graphing and curve fitting software for scientists, teachers, engineers and students.

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GraphSight Junior - the simple freeware 2D math plotting utility for students and teachers.

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