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What does the word project mean in GraphSight?

GraphSight is not an MDI (multi document interface) application in it's common sense. It is project-oriented. A project is simply a document (.gs) you work with. A project contains spaces (common 2D coordinate spaces) that are in their turn containers for graphic objects (graphs, labels, axes, etc.). Every project has its own table of constants.

You can work only with one project at a time. Just create several spaces when needed graphs in several windows.

The .gs project file is saved in XML format.

When GraphSight starts it automaticaly creates a new untitled project with a default (x,y) space in it.

Project tree

GraphSight's Project tree provides you with a visual representation of a project and gives you a full access to all its properties.

Project tree is a convenient tool that helps to gain full control over a project. According to the GraphSight architecture a project includes spaces each of them containing several graphics (graphs, labels, etc.). So, a project has a strait hierarchical structure. The root of the hierarchical tree is a project itself, its branches represent spaces and its leafs are graphics. This tree structure is the thing that is displayed by GraphSight Project tree.

Project tree gives a possibility to manipulate any of the objects in a project in the same way as it is done directly. That means that each of the elements of the Project tree represents an actual object in the project. Project tree allows to delete, create and rename graphics.

The shortcut menu of every element of the tree is completely the same that of actual object i.e. when you right click the representation of the graph in the tree, you get the same shortcut menu as if you have clicked the graph in the space window.

Select\unselect the View|Project tree programs main menu option to show\hide the Project tree.


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