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Space A space in GraphSight is simply a common two dimensional coordinate plane. Every space is determined by a unique name and the two ranges for X and Y. A project can contain several spaces. In its turn, a space is a container for several graphics that are displayed in its window.

To add a new space click the Space|New Space command or press the F2 key. This will cause a new default space window to appear. To modify active space properties (the name, ranges, locks) click the Space|Properties command or double-click its background. This will cause the Space dialog box to appear.

To delete an active space click the Spaces|Delete Space command. Since there must be at least one space in a project, the last one is not allowed to be deleted. If occasionally deleted a space can be restored by selecting the Undo command from the programs main menu.

Shift & Zoom

One of the original GraphSight features is a possibility to easily change the exploration area (space shift and zoom) simply by dragging spaces background with a mouse. To prevent a space from occasional resizing just lock the appropriate dimensions by selecting the lock boxes.

Press F11 to zoom a space window to full screen. Pressing Esc or F11 again restores it's original size.


There is a possibility to save and restore several views (snapshots) for a space. The idea is in that you shift and zoom a space to some view, store it and continue resizing to find one another view that suits you goals (imagine making illustrations for a science book). After collecting several views, you can restore them later to produce images. In fact, the ranges for X and Y are saved and restored. More about views...

Saving as an image

A space image can be easily exported into a bitmap (.bmp file or clipboard). See the File|Export Space Image main menu item for this purpose.

Space Dialog box

The Space box lets you change the name, background color and the ranges of a space.

The Dimensions tab lets you set the ranges for X and Y. The lock options being selected disable shift and zoom space features for each dimension respectively.


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