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Space views

The initial idea about Views was one of GraphSight users wish:

"When right clicking and dragging (zooming) the graph to a distorted look a button to put it back to it's default would be good."

GraphSight provides a possibility to save and restore several views (snapshots) for a space. The idea is in that you shift and zoom a space to some view, store it and continue resizing to find one another view that suits you goals (imagine making illustrations for a science book). After collecting several views, you can restore them later to produce images. The ranges for X and Y are saved and restored in fact.

There is always one initial (default) view present upon creating (or loading) a new space. Every newly created coordinate plane has -2*Pi..2*Pi x -2*Pi..2*Pi dimensions. That is the default (initial) view that can be restored any time while working with the space.

All the views are displayed in the Space views list.

Save & Delete

To save the current space view select the Space|Space Views|Save View... main menu option. You will be presented with a dialog asking for a name for the view. After you press the OK button the required view will be saved and will appear in the list. To delete a view, first select it in the list and navigate to the Space|Space Views|Delete View main menu command. Note, that the View0 (Initial) can never be deleted.


Restoring is performed by double-clicking the required view in the list. Selectin the view in the list and going to the Space|Space Views|Restore View programs main menu item does the same.


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