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Trace tool

Trace is one of the GraphSight tools used to for tracing parametric-natured graphs.

Tracing a graph means simply a possibility to visually observe how the function Y(X) depends on the variable X. It also makes it easy to know the exact function value for the exact value of the parameter. GraphSight lets you trace all the graphs except table-defined (data driven) one since tracing is expressed in terms of a functions parameter step-by-step change. This functionality is aplicable to y(x) and x(y) cartesian, polar and parametric graphs only as they are parametric by nature.

To trace a graph select it with the mouse and go to the Graphics|Tools|Trace... programs main menu option. You will be presented with the Trace tool dialog.


This is the Trace tool dialog for Y(X) Cartesian Graph. The X variable plays the role the changing parameter. Tracing lets you know the exact value of a function being traced for a particular value of the parameter. It also shows the corresponding (X, Y(x)) point on the graph.

The X slider lets you change the parameters value using a mouse to see how the trace mark moves along the graph.

The Loop box being selected forces the slider to move itself looped thus performing a kind of animation of the tracing mark.

To set a particular exact value for the parameter click the "..." button. You can use any valid (not only numeric) mathematical expression involving constants if needed for the value.

Use the << Details button to hide\show the details. This is often used when the Loop box is selected to minimize a space occupied by the wizard dialog on the screen while trace animation is playing. The following is how it looks.

The Marks tab, the Full Vertical Line and Full Horizontal Line boxes determine how the trace mark looks.


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