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Version: 2.0.1
Released: Feb 4, 2004
Platform: Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000

What's new

  • GraphSight's Windows XP-like look&feel improved


v.2.0 - released Sep 1, 2003

  • new GraphSight user interface concept
  • space views management
  • improved numerical data display
  • ability to change space color
  • separate axes customization
  • undo\redo ability
  • cut\copy\paste ability
  • data fit tool (supported regression models: reciprocal, gauss, hyperbolic, linear, logarithmic, polynomial)
  • trace graph tool
v.1.3 - released Feb 12, 2003
  • better installation program
  • GraphSight FAQ
  • ability to draw Table Graphs
  • importing and exporting data for Table Graphs (up to 10000 units)
  • fully customizable axes (color, style, width, ticks)
  • ability to set grid on the plot
  • graphics focus drawing enhanced
  • new samples
  • several small fixes and interface improvements
v.1.2.3 - released Oct 14, 2002
  • exporting space image to clipboard/file as JPEG done
  • GraphSight mailing list subscription wizard implemented
  • "Reopen" menu added
  • new color selectors (more colors) for objects used
  • bugs with constants using fixed
  • direct built in order link added
  • axes arrows appearance improved
  • bug with constants using fixed
  • bug with labels creating fixed
v.1.2.2 - released 31 Aug, 2002
  • coordinate plane locking feature added
  • Project Description feature added
  • .gs files are now saved in XML format
  • ability to set space window size implemented
  • Apply button added to all the dialogs
  • exporting space image to clipboard done
v.1.2.1 - released Jun 16, 2002
  • ability to build polar graphs added
  • printing capability enabled
  • random() function added
v.1.2.0 - released May 5, 2002
  • ability to build parametric graphs added
  • customizable graphics colors
  • Restore View floating button for Full Screen mode cancel added
v.1.1.0 - released Mar 3, 2002
  • project tree implemented
  • mouse wheel causes zooming
  • Globals dialog redesigned
  • space variables can be assigned to a space after creating it
  • showing graphics selection and error message in the status bar
  • lots of interface improvements done
  • several bugs fixed
v.1.0.3 - released Oct 8, 2001
  • several interface changes and bug fixes done
  • full screen view
  • graphics now can be managed using keyboard
  • x(y) graph added
  • auto coordinates on label creation
  • auto variables substitution in recent formulas
  • plotting functions on the specified intervals
  • graphics are now F1-responsive
  • several interface changes and bug fixes done


GraphSight - the handy 2D math graphing and curve fitting software for scientists, teachers, engineers and students.

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HiDigit - the essential software tool for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering calculations involving complex numbers and user-defined functions.

GraphSight Junior - the simple freeware 2D math plotting utility for students and teachers.

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