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It might happen so that you have come to this page in search for a freeware Windows graphing utility to use it for you homework or lesson. If so, there is one - GraphSight Junior.

GraphSight Junior is a freeware small graphing utility for Windows intended for compiling simple y(x)-like Cartesian graphs. This plotting utility is a good solution for students who use their computer to do their math homework. A teacher will also find it great graphing tool while making lesson plans or creating a math course more >>


"GraphSight Junior appears to have exactly what I need for understanding and exploring the functional behaviours I will be looking at. That is why I chose to download it rather than the other graphing softwares available. " - B. W.

"I'm a teacher in an Agronomy course in South Brazil and my purpose with GraphSight Junior is didact. I and my students employ the program to visualize the shape of mathematic equations or models. I consider the facility the most interesting feature of the program. I don't have any suggestion at this moment, but I intent it in the future. Best regards! " - A. P.

"Using GraphSight Junior for college Algebra II course for graphing functions. It helps by being much faster and more readable than the graphing calculators currently on the market. Most of my work doing graphs is for homework and a portable calculator is not needed. The most useful features are the abilities to
1) control line width and color for multiple graphs
2) being able to do multiple graphs
3) it is extremely easy to use with an intuitive user interface. "
- D. J.

"I use GraphSight Junior only to print out simple algebraic and trigonometric functions. It would be helpful to print out functions expressed in terms of a parameter. For this purpose I still use Mallard Basic and GSX on my old Amstrad 8256, but of course, it would be unreasonable to expect GSJ to match the power of Mallard Basic. SketchCalc used to have movable axes whereby the pairs of co-ordinates for any point could be determined easily. " - N. H.

"I am using GraphSight Junior to find the roots of equations involving transcendental functions. I have plans to employ it to teach my child the nature and behaviour of different functions. I am using a mouse with a wheel attached. By rolling this wheel, I am able to resize the x-scale and y-scale. I consider this to be the most interesting feature of the program." - V. P.

"I use GraphSight Junior mainly to graph trigonometric functions. The coloured graphs are helpful. The most useful feature is when one selects a graph and sees the expression from which it came e.g. y = sin(x)." - A. F.

" I currently use GraphSight Junior primarily in a grade seven classroom setting in Thailand and secondarily in my school office. I have not yet used it for instructional purposes. I spent some time playing with it to learn some of its idiosyncrasies.

I then installed it on the two classroom computers. We do not have an LCD projector but we do have a 29" TV connected to the computer in each classroom.

There are a few students in my classes who, to put it mildly appear less than well motivated.

While the class is working at a project or assigned problems, I sometimes load the program and fiddle with a few graphs. It is somewhat akin to fishing - and I caught a few big ones!

One or two of them were almost begging me to let them try it. (They don't have all the math yet that they should have to really use the program properly - but they NOW SHOW INTEREST!!! I gave them the web address and they have downloaded their own copies already. After a little bit of input instruction, they were off and running.

The last graph I put up for them was "y = xsinx". I did it in red and then spun the wheel on the wheel mouse, shrinking and expanding the x-axis. The changing patterns fascinated them - and me too!

Almost every day one or two students ask me when we can start using the program. (We haven't even started graphing straight lines yet, but it looks like that topic will have to jump the queue.)

As I mentioned above, we are in Thailand. I am a retired Canadian College math prof teaching here in an English Program. We are not a particularly wealthy institution, so the fact that the program is free is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the school, I thank you! "
- J. M.

"GraphSight Junior helps me to show how straight lines are drawn - changing slope / intercepts and predicting what the line will look like. The Smooth curve rendering is great." - S. K.

"Ok, GraphSight Junior I use in my school, I need make some Graps and the excell is no good for this details." - M. R.

"I use GraphSight Junior to help me representing a function in math homework. I personally think there is nothing special with this program, except if you just want to make a curve." - J-P. P.

"I'm a lecturer in Mathematics of Pedagogical University Hanoi 2. I used GraphSight Junior to present to our students on usefullness of a mathematical software. It seem very usefull in my lectures." - T. M. T.

"Hello, my name is Martina and I would like to get your GraphSight Junior to my computer because I feel I need it to understand better the maths as I'm studying it at school.I have read the review of it in one computer magazine I subscribe to.Thanks for your understanding." - M. M.

"GraphSight Junior is interesting in using for maths lessons in UK middle school, as simple alternative to cabri geometry or geometers sketchpad, also considerably cheaper!" - R. O.

"GraphSight Junior is very good! I appreciate it is a very important for my kids is very usefull for trigonometric class. Thank you." - J. D.

"I am a parent although happy with Maths, want to find a tool to reinforce graphs to solve equations etc. Trying to plot graphs early in KS3 - such as Y=X2 (sq). This will also then aid more complex graphs. I have found GraphSight Junior on the ask.co.uk site. Thank you." - N. B.

"Thanks for a great little GraphSight Junior! I use it just to see graphs of calculus problems before I jump into them." - A. W.

"Im in school grade 11 university math and have high hopes of someday being an engineer. GraphSight Junior is simply wonderful in allowing me to explore graphing functions." - J. M.

"I find GraphSight Junior to be a very simple, but quite handy little program. I have recommended it to a number of my highschool math students." - H. D.

"GraphSight Junior allows me to replace smeared, illegible graphs with small, neat ones." - C. F.

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