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GraphSight Junior v.1.0
Platform: Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Released: Nov 18, 2002


GraphSight Junior is freeware.

[1. Software package]

The GraphSight Junior software package must contain at least the following files:

  • 'license.txt', the license file
  • 'readme.txt', the readme file
  • gsjsetup.exe, the GraphSight Junior setup file

[2. License]

The Software package detailed in [Section 1] remains the property of Cradle Fields. It is licensed to you under a freeware license. You are freely granted the right to use this Software package.

[3. Distribution]

The Software package as detailed in [Section 1] can be freely distributed, provided that:

  • Any copy of the Software must include all the files listed in the above [Section 1], Software Package. You cannot deliver individual files of the Software Package, nor parts of these files.
  • Any copy of the Software package must include reference to the ownership of CradleFields.com and the present file.
  • The user undertakes NOT to carry out any PAYING distribution for the Software.

You are granted the right to reproduce the Software package in order to circulate it, in accordance with the same purposes and conditions as those defined by the licence in [Section 2].

[4. Disclaimer]

This Software is provided "as is", without express or implied warranty.

As this software is delivered as freeware, the author will not be responsible for the correction of any bugs or other deficiencies. In no event Cradle Fields shall be liable for any damage of any kind, including special, indirect or consequent damages, arising in connection with the use of this Software.

By using the program, you have agreed on all the conditions stated here.


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