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This help section describes the functionality of GraphSight Junior main menu commands.

  • File - this menu provides a set of commands to manage GraphSight Junior project files
    • New - creates a new empty project
    • Open... - lets you select a project file to open
    • Reopen - contains a list of up to 7 recently opened project file names for quick access
    • Save - saves current project
    • Save As... - saves current project to a specified file
    • Export
      • Bitmap (.bmp File)... - exports the current picture to a .bmp file
      • Bitmap (Clipboard) - exports the current picture to the Windows clipboard
    • Exit - closes GraphSight Junior
  • View
    • Full Screen - enlarges active spaces window to a full screen
  • Graphics
    • Add
      • Y(X) - Cartesian Graph... - adds a new Y(X) Cartesian Graph to the coordinate plane
      • Label... - adds a new Label to the coordinate plane
    • Delete - deletes a selected graphics
    • Properties - shows the selected graphics properties dialog. If no graphics is selected then the Coordinate plane dialog box appears.
  • Help


GraphSight - the handy 2D math graphing and curve fitting software for scientists, teachers, engineers and students.

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GraphSight Junior - the simple freeware 2D math plotting utility for students and teachers.

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