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Saves the time you spend scanning reference books in search of the value of an astronomical, physical, chemical, statistical or mathematical constant. It keeps constants structured, sorted and ready to be displayed instantly when required.
Automates routine calculations. HiDigit operates user-defined functions and variables.
Reminds you a table of sins and cosines when needed. HiDigit knows a sufficient set of mathematical functions.
Provides an insight into the fascinating world of complex numbers. Almost all of the built-in functions support complex operands.


Operate impressive number of built-in formulas, functions, constants and coefficients.
Provide simple input format and a virtual keyboard to quick-type frequently used mathematical functions.
Customize precision of calculations (up to 15 digits).
Handle user defined functions, constants and variables.
Keeps history of operations so the users can come back and undo/redo any action at any time.
Switch between stylish skins to make you feel better while calculating taxes to pay. It possesses straightforward but beautiful skinnable interface.
Select the language of the programs user interface. Currently the English, Russian and German languages are available.

HiDigit - is an essential software tool for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering calculations involving complex numbers and user-defined functions.

HiDigit v.1.0 - math expressions calculator with complex numbers support (shareware, US $19.95)

HiDigit is a calculating software for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students, teachers and scientists. Simple input format of complicated formulas, working with complex numbers, user-defined functions, variables and built-in constants from different fields of science has made HiDigit a serious and 'must have' scientific software. HiDigit is a new calculating software with extended capabilities. This is an essential application for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students. The main advantage of the software is a simple input format even for the most complicated formulas. For example, you can enter 10pi instead of “10*pi“. For complex numbers, you can use the following format - “1+2i“. For percentages - “number + %“. The other important feature of HiDigit is its high precision - up to 15 decimals. The program boasts an impressive number of built-in formulas, functions, constants and coefficients. Importantly, the users can customize all of them or add their own variables. Also, the history of all actions is kept, so the users can come back and undo/redo any action at any time.

While HiDigit is a serious scientific software, it is extremely simple in use. No special skills or knowledge are required. The interface is straightforward and very easy to navigate through. The compact size of the software does not hinder the performance. To the contrary, the program can even be used by the multiple users simultaneously.

HiDigit comes with complete install/uninstall support. Best of all, it is distributed as shareware, meaning you can download a free trial version to test the program extensively before making a purchase. Get your copy now!

This desktop calculator runs under Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

The price of a single copy is only 19.95 US Dollars. There is an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. The benefits of registration include removal of all limitations, life-time worth of free updates and responsive technical support. Academic resellers, schools and colleges receive a significant discount for registering multiple copies. Get your copy of HiDigit now!

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